Famous for fishing

The Broads is the ideal setting for angling and has a thriving (yet welcoming) angling scene. The coarse fishing season runs from 16 June to 14 March and all you need to fish in the Broads is a current Environment Agency licence, available from post offices and online.

If you would like to learn more about angling, there's lots of great information on the Broads Authority's angling information page or the downloadable Angle on the Broads publication which is produced by the Environment Agency.

Angling on the Waveney at Worlingham

As the Broads is such an important landscape demanding the involvement of various authorities, the Broads Angling Strategy Group (BASG) was formed. The BASG aims to ensure that angling within this unique waterland can be enjoyed responsibly, providing guidance and information suitable for anglers of all levels.

Fish species

Learning to fish
Accessible angling on the Broads

A diverse range of fish species make the Broads their home meaning you are never quite sure what you might encounter whilst angling. Common species found in the Broads include bream, rudd, tench, roach, perch, carp and the carnivorous pike. Luckily, the BASG provide fishing guides on their website with suggested baits and techniques to help you get out there and improve your chances of making a catch!

Accessible angling

The Broads Authority and the Environment Agency are working to install more wheelchair-accessible fishing platforms in the Broads area, and improving accessibility is one of the key themes of the BASG. Some of the best places to get information on where to fish if you use a wheelchair are the tackle shops.

The BASG offers coaching sessions with experienced anglers allowing an increasing number of people to try out angling and develop their skills. Working with the Broads Authority, the BASG aim to inspire the next generation, ensuring young anglers can get out there and enjoy the sport.