Come and visit the Norwich Science Festival

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Where in Norwich can you go to find a seaweed identification workshop, be challenged to save the Broads for the next generation and make friends with a real-life tyrannosaurus rex? The answer is the Norwich Science Festival which will be kicking off on October 19 until October 27. So if you’ve ever wanted to know more about penguins or pondered at what art and science have in common, then look no further. For one long weekend only, all things test tubes and lab coats are coming to Norwich and you are sure to be amazed by their fantastic line-up!  Here are a few on the top of our wish-list to see…

Water Day in the Explorium: (19 October - All day)

broads authority pond © Julian Claxton
Learn all about the importance of water at The Forum

Come down to the Explorium on Friday 19 October for a free day of learning all about the watery wonders of the world. There'll be a whole host of exhibitors such as Marine Conservation, the RSPB, Broads Authority, UEA and more ready to teach you about how important water is, the creatures that live in it and find out how you can change your behaviours to help the planet. Nature Day takes place on Saturday 20 October too, so there's plenty more fun to be had if you can't make it!

The unexpected truth about animals: (20 October - 12pm to 1pm)

There are so many mistruths which are spread around about animals. Zoologist Lucy Cooke sets the record straight with her lecture which is all about myth busting the inaccuracies we spread about animals meanwhile revealing the truths which are often stranger than fiction.

How to be an Urban Birder: (20 October - 1.30pm to 2.30pm)

David Lindo
Discover how you can become an urban birder with David Lindo

Learn how to look cool whilst twitching with David Lindo, the Urban Birder. David has tips on how to find a wildlife patch in towns and cities, how to use binoculars and move. His mission is to connect urban populations with the amazing wildlife around them, so you won't want to miss this fascinating talk!

Future Broads Challenge: (20 October - 3pm to 4pm)

The Broads Authority presents an exciting new workshop to show you the advantages and disadvantages the effects of global warming are likely to bring to our very own Broads National Park. From the rarest swallowtail butterfly to the most common mallard, attendees will be challenged to research from a variety of sources the likely impacts on these species and whether they will be winners or losers as our climate changes.

Our Future Environment - The Questions: (27 October - 6.30pm to 8pm)

Plastic bottle pollution
Find out how you can make a difference at the Our Future Environment event

Join an expert panel of scientists from the Norwich Research Park for an interactive discussion on the major environmental issues facing the planet: climate change, plastic pollution, mass extinction and unsustainable farming. The panel will be giving their views and putting solutions out to vote, and there will be a chance to get answers to your most pertinent questions.

If these tickle your fancy then there are bound to be plenty more that will besides so check out the Norwich Science Festival website and make sure you book your tickets for events now!