Broads Restaurant Week: Around the world

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It’s nearly Broads Restaurant Week which means that eateries all over the Broads National Park will soon be opening up their doors with some very special offers for one week only. If you’re looking for something a little bit different come with us on a round-the-world journey of interesting dishes which can all be found from the comfort of the Broads National Park.

Oakfired at the Royal Oak

margherita pizza
Margherita pizza

The country: Italy

The dish: Classic Margherita

The deal: 2 Courses for £15 or 3 Courses for £20

You don’t need to traipse around colosseums all day to enjoy the taste of fresh basil mingling with cracked black pepper. You don’t need to queue in the heat or sit on a plane to enjoy melting mozzarella or a rich tomato sauce. All you need to do is get yourself to Beccles where the Royal Oak serves the very best oak-fired pizzas for a taste of Italy without the air miles!

Wroxham Barns

The country: India

The dish: Tomato, chickpea and spinach curry

The deal: £15 for 2 Courses or £20 for 3 Courses

For a little taste of India head on down to Wroxham Barns who have this spicy number lurking in their otherwise traditional menu. A tomato, spinach and chickpea curry will be the perfect dish to keep you going all day as you explore Wroxham barns’ crafters, petting zoo, and collection of shops. Who said you couldn’t enjoy the flavours of India in the Broads National Park?

The Kings Head Coltishall

olives and feta
Traditional greek olives and feta

The country: Greece

The dish: Balsamic and olive oil with loaf and olives and feta

The deal: 2 Courses for £20 or 3 Courses for £25

Dine like you’re on Mount Olympus with these Grecian treats oozing with Mediterranean flavours. On the menu at the Kings Head in Coltishall on their ‘nibbles’ options are two dishes which are sure to make even Zeus peckish: Balsamic and olive oil with bread to dip it in and olives mixed with feta, -perfect for nibbling as you natter. You don’t need a toga to enjoy these tasty treats.

Wayford Bridge Inn

The country: USA

The dish: Sizzling Cajun Halloumi Skillet

The deal: 2 Courses for £15 or 3 Courses for £20

The taste of Louisiana has come to the Broads National Park with a dish that promises to be sizzling! The Wayford Bridge Inn may look like a quintessential Broads pub and have the menu to match but in its list of offerings is lurking the ‘Sizzling Cajun Halloumi Skillet’. Look out onto the sparkling Broads River and imagine yourself eating beside the Mississippi.

We all love the local dishes here at the Broads National Park but if you’re looking for something a little bit different these ideas are just a fraction of what’s on offer during Broads Restaurant Week. Check out the website for loads more eateries and options. For more information about the Broads National Park and where eat, stay and visit check out the Visit the Broads.