Visit the Broads at Norwich Science Festival

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Science Festival 2019

Where in Norwich can you hear the sounds of an Antarctic journey, meet an escapee dinosaur and dress up as a vet?
The answer is at Norwich Science Festival, which runs from 18- 26 October.

If you’ve ever wondered about how to turn your garden into a wildlife haven, how artificial intelligence can change your life, or what food of the future will look like, then the Science Festival is for you.

Here are a few things on our list of things to see...

Zoology Day and Nature Day

Grab a microscope and meet the team from the Broads Authority (at The Forum, Mon 21, Tue 22 October), where you can get to know our live freshwater invertebrate friends and try a range of Broads-based activities.

Amazing animals – Zoology Day

It’s all about the animals! Come and explore the wonderful world of birds and beasts in our zoology day. Discover the amazing wildlife right here in Norfolk, and the work being done to save threatened species from extinction. Spot tiny free-floating organisms through a microscope. Dress up as a vet and take a ‘surgeon selfie’ with the Royal Veterinary College. You may even meet an escapee dinosaur from Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure.

When: 21 October, 10am–4pm, FREE
Where: The Forum.

Nature Day

Explore the wonders of our natural world, from the tiniest creatures imaginable to the vastness and importance of our oceans. Find out how we can help save bees and make a bee hotel with Bee Saviour Behaviour, plus embark on the bumblebee trail from the Earlham Institute. Become a bird with the interactive Fly: The Bird Migration Game from UEA.

When: 22 October, 10am–4pm, FREE
Where: The Forum.

Kingfishers by Brian MacFarlane

Other Nature highlights

X-Rated Nature II

It’s back! Following the success of 2017’s X-rated event, get ready for more weird and wonderful facts about the natural world. The hosts – NSF patrons Lizzie Daly and Prof Ben Garrod, joined by Dr Adam Rutherford and Lucy Cooke – share some bizarre animal sex tales, from hermaphroditic sea slug love chains, to most snakes having two penises. Plus, can you spot the fake facts thrown in as curveballs? Expect plenty of adult content!

When: 21 October, 8.30pm–10.30pm, £8, age: 16+
Where: The Forum, Gallery.

Blooming Algae on the Norfolk Broads

The golden algae Prymnesium parvum is a recurring seasonal issue on the Norfolk Broads, producing toxic blooms that, while non-toxic to humans, are lethal to fish, resulting in mass fish deaths on a regular basis.

Find out how a team from the Norwich Research Park have been investigating these incidents, leading to new monitoring techniques that give early warnings to partners at the Environment Agency and the Broads Authority. In this talk, you’ll also learn about the simple, practical approach that the team have developed to destroy Prymnesium blooms and the toxins that they produce.

When: 23 October, 2.30pm–3.30pm, Free, booking required, age: 12+
Where: The Forum, Auditorium.

Pond dipping
Enjoying pond dipping last year.

Soil Salvation - How soil might save us

Globally, soils store far more carbon than the atmosphere. If we can increase soil carbon, we can help mitigate climate change. Plus, higher carbon soils could be healthier, meaning increased global food security. UEA’s Dr Brian Reid explores how we might harness the power of soils to save us!

When: 23 October, 1.15pm–2pm, free, booking required.
Where: The Forum, Auditorium.

For a full list of events, visit the Norwich Science Festival website