Six events you won't want to miss in March

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The daffodils are out, the birds are singing and Easter is nearly upon us, here are just a few of the marvellous events which are happening in the Broads National Park this March…

Natural Perfume & Aromatherapy Workshop (5 March)

Learn a new skill at the aromatherapy workshop

During this fun, practical workshop you will be introduced to an array of scents, using plants that yield oils.  You will experience the effects that essential oils have on emotions, health & wellbeing. You will even have the opportunity to make and take home your own unique roll-on oil perfume using the highest quality organic ingredients.

£45 per person. Booking required.

UEA Inaugural lecture - Probing past climates using trees and thermometers (13 March)

Understanding natural climate variability is key when addressing the important questions our global society faces. In this lecture, Prof Osborn will explore how we can uncover past changes in climate from the information stored in tree rings, making use of living trees spread across the globe, or incorporating long-dead material to push the record back thousands of years. You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy this open public lecture, and there will be a chance to meet the speaker at a free drinks reception after the talk.

Free event. Booking not required.

Hares at Bergh Apton Hall (22 March)

Discover the fascinating world of hares with South Yare Wildlife Group

Did you know a male hare is called a jack and a female hare is called a jill? If you didn't then why not brush up on your knowledge and join the South Yare Wildlife Group for an evening talk by Sue Alderman from the Hare Preservation Trust on these fascinating creatures. What better time to learn all about the ancient hare than in march when they are famously mad?!

Non-members £5; members £2; under 16's free. Booking not required.

Yoga & Fire in the Woods (24 March)

Celebrate the solstices and equinoxes of the year with a Yoga and Fire Ceremony in the Woods. Feed bad habits to the flames as an offering and focus your intention on new dreams which can be realized in the next phase of the year. An evening of deep cleansing and the transformational power of fire!

Suggested donation of £10 per adult. No booking required.

Wellies and Waders Walk (25 March)

Curlew © Nick Goodrum
Curlew © Nick Goodrum (CC BY 2.0)

Join a ranger to discover a unique nature reserve hidden away in the Broads National Park. Along the way find out more about the site, experience its important wildlife and hear about the conservation work to help the breeding wading birds. Suitable outdoor footwear required.

£9 per adult & £4.50 per child. Booking required.

Nature Detectives (29 March)

Come and investigate exciting items of natural history. Learn how to tell the difference between a fox skull and a badger skull, which rodents have eaten which nuts and learn how to identify what an owl has eaten!

£3 NWT members, £3.50 non-members. Booking required.