Discover the Broads

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Easy to discover, impossible to forget

From the mild, earthy woodlands of the south, to the wild, open reedlands of the north, discover a world of rare wildlife, breathtaking scenery and a fascinating history.

The Broads is for everyone. Whether you want take to the water on your very own cruiser, long for days walking and taking in the view, or choose to cycle along its many paths and trails – you’ll always find somewhere new to go and something different to see. Visit one of Britain’s most extraordinary national parks and become part of the balance between humans and wildlife, water and land.

About the Broads

Take a journey through Britain's waterland national park from the city to the sea and discover the wild north and the beautiful south for yourself

Boating on the Broads

There's more than one way to enjoy getting on the water in the Broads. See our introduction to cruising, sailing and even canoeing, kayaking and paddleboarding

Once you're ready to get on board check out our boating listings for where to hire, book a trip or take a course.

By land

Whether by bike or hike get inspiration on what you can do by land, including days out and attractions

Our listings will help you find out where to go for walking and cycling, days out, arts and crafts and attractions.

Culture and heritage

Learn about the unique heritage that has shaped the present day national park in our guide to Broads history and culture

Look up iconic landmarks and other cultural things to do on your visit in our culture and heritage listings

Local produce and crafts

With so much great local food to try and crafts to buy you'll want to find more about what is made in the Broads

You can also plan something to do in our arts and crafts listings and events, our drinks festivals and food events and find out the best places to eat and drink and where you can find local produce

National Park

Discover how and why the Broad is so special and all about its national park status

Wildlife in the Broads

England's wildlife capital is home to more than a quarter of its rarest species. Find out all about the animals and plants of the Broads

Experience nature up close with our wildlife listings